Croc Couture Accessories

About Croc Couture

Croc Couture is a family owned and operated company specializing in elegant American Alligator skins and accessories.

The Parlier family has been in the alligator industry for over 25 years. Working closely with government officials and some of the world’s most dedicated conservationists, while utilizing one of Florida’s healthiest and renewable natural resources.

Having worked in this industry for so many years we have developed an expertise in alligator skins and finished leather. And we take great pride in producing top quality skins and accessories.

American alligator is one of the most exclusive and sought after leathers in the world and purchasing American Alligator leather is an investment in style and luxury while participating in an industry that is as native to Florida as our oranges and beaches. There are many imitation alligator products on the market but nothing can match the elegance of authentic alligator leather.