American Alligator Skins

American Alligator is one of the most sought after exotic leathers in the world and is only indigenous to the Southeastern United States. They are either harvested from the wild or farm raised. Belly skins are the most prized and popular cut for alligators and bellies make up the majority of our inventory. However many like the ruggedness of the hornback skins and we carry these as well.

There are many factors that determine the price of an alligator skin. Here are some guidelines to help you determine what type of skin you need. Please give us a call for availability and current pricing

There are 4 main factors when determining skin prices.

Grade of skin

Skins are graded into categories, 1 thru 4.

  • No. 1 - One small scar or hole that is not within the main belly pattern.
  • No. 2 - One or two scars/holes, one possibly within main belly pattern.
  • No. 3 - Two or Three significant scars/holes, with one or two within the main belly pattern
  • No. 4 - Three or more significant scars/holes, some within the main belly pattern.

Size of skin

Skins are measured and sold on the CM width across the belly. Price per CM increases with size.


Alligator skins can be dyed to just about any color. Standard colors (which may vary) are at no extra charge. Custom colors incur additional costs.


Alligator skins are typically finished in either Classic or Matte.

  • Classic
    Has a high glossy shine (glazed) finish. This is a somewhat stiff and delicate finish that requires special care to maintain.
  • Matte
    Can range from a flat to soft shine. This is softer, more pliable skin with a smooth finish.
  • Specialty Finishes
    Garment or Metallic finishes are also available.


There are no minimum requirements within the US however pricing is reflected with quantities. Please call us for pricing details.

CITIES requirements for shipping internationally is a very involved and costly process, therefore minimum quantities will apply. Please call us for details.